Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club in Sandia Park has changed hands.

Roger Cox & Associates sold the top-rated 27-hole course to Tony Alvarez and Bryan Marsal of the Manhattan firm Alvarez & Marsal, according to Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club could not be immediately reached for comment. A sale price was not disclosed.

In a letter to home and lot owners, Alvarez and Marsal announced their plans to build a 62-room lodge and 18 guest cottages on the property. The golfing news site reports Alvarez and Marsal seek businesses and properties that could benefit from management restructuring.

Paa-Ko Ridge’s various courses take the top three spots on Business First’s Golf Courses List.

Golf Courses – USGA Data

Ranked by Highest USGA slope rating

Rank Club name Highest USGA slope rating 1 Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club: 2 and 3 149 2 Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club: 1 and 2 145 3 Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club: 1 and 3 145 View This List

Albuquerque’s golfing landscape will soon see two big additions. Illinois-based BigShots Golf and Texas-based Topgolf have both announced plans to open Albuquerque locations.

According to, golf has a $48 million direct economic impact in the state of New Mexico. The site reports the state has 76 golf courses and supports 20,800 jobs.

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